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Engineering Services for Septic Systems (Title 5), Site Plans, Drainage Studies, Forensic Engineering (Insurance Reports), Expert Witness, Underground Utilities, Subdivisions


BDO Engineering, based in Mansfield MA, has provided engineering and support services in the civil engineering field since 1995. The majority of our projects are in southeastern Massachusetts but we occasionally travel throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.




Engineering Services We Provide


Septic Systems: Residential and commercial septic system designs (new construction and repair of existing systems), soil evaluations, percolation tests, topographic surveys, as-built plans.


Site Plans: Preparation of site plans for municipal review. Site plans include buildings, pavement, grading, utilities, parking, lighting, etc.


Drainage Studies: Drainage studies for subdivision and site plan design. Drainage studies compare runoff from the pre-construction site with runoff from the post-construction site. Drainage structures and best management practices are used to retain and infiltrate runoff as required.


Forensic Engineering: Investigate and report on insurance claims for basement flooding, blasting damage, septic system issues, retaining walls, site issues, pool claims, etc.


Expert Witness: Provide expert witness testimony for septic system and other civil engineering issues.


Municipal Sewer and Water Mains: Design and construction observation services.


Subdivisions: Design, design review, and construction observation services.





Contact Information:



telephone 508-339-0806


fax 508-337-9440



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